BBC Iplayer - unable to download

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Re: BBC Iplayer - unable to download

Postby TheBoys7885 » 09 Sep 2018, 06:43

I got Getflix too but noticed downloads are really slow now, like 5 hours to download casualty episode. Have you experienced any issues?

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Re: BBC Iplayer - unable to download

Postby PeterG » 09 Sep 2018, 07:04


I haven't had any problems with downloading - although it can take a hour or so to download, depending on the time of day as my internet connection is fixed wireless as i live in the country, not a city or town.

Not sure how you download, but this is what I do.

When file is copied onto the Downloader, it appears with the following “Video size: 1280x720, Bitrate: 5510kb/s.

I change it to – Video size: 960x540, Bitrate: 3117kb/s

Even with this change, the file is still over 1gb for ~ 60 minutes – which is large enough for me.

What file quality are you downloading - as I assume that the higher the quality, the larger the size as well as time.



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