CBS Download Failed

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CBS Download Failed

Postby midnightEngineer » 25 Jan 2015, 05:38

I am experiencing a similar issue with multiple videos from which worked fine two weeks past. I have upgraded to 7.55 and changed the output folder as recommeded for this other user. There is no VPN being used for this purpose. The downloader reports that the file download is complete while the FLV has a zero-byte length.

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Re: Download Failed

Postby Chris » 25 Jan 2015, 08:54

The CBS download works. If you encounter the problem again, just re-add the video. Probably there was a problem on their end.
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Re: Download Failed

Postby midnightEngineer » 25 Jan 2015, 16:16

I disagree that it works. The issue has continued for more than 48 hours with every file that I attempt from Futhermore, the file plays inside the CBS player using IE without issue. All security updates as of 15-JAN-2015 are installed. The machine has been restarted to guarantee that there are no background activities that might interfere.

With respect to VTDP, I just completed re-adding the video with the same results. I will normally see a progress bar while the file downloads. This does not occur leaving the impression that it eventually terminated on some error. Instead of the progress bar, the only thing that occurs is the application reports Downloading and subsequently changes to File ready to play.

Does VTDP have any sort of logging mechanism from which that I can send you a file? VTDP has been rock solid up to this point. Would really like to get this resolved.

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Re: CBS Download Failed

Postby midnightEngineer » 28 Jan 2015, 02:18

After [re]testing using a different ISP in my geographic region, the problem I experienced with my ISP was duplicated. I then tested using a third ISP in a geographic region some 1500 miles from my location which would successfully download. ChrisPC offered to perform remote debugging from a computer I was going to make available for this purpose. While preparing the computer for remote access, I ran the test one more time from my normal ISP and the download started working. It would appear that there was a regional difference with site that was resolved after 72 hours.

Thanks for the great support. This tool absolutely rocks compared to using GetFLV for many years for Hulu. Looking forward to when the Hulu download issue is resolved for VTD Pro.

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