BBC down + more problems

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BBC down + more problems

Postby BillyBull » 31 Mar 2015, 18:49

The BBC links have not been working for 5 days now, I'm pretty certain this is the BBC's fault, anyone else having problems.

Despite no links work in the program & most links don't work at all on the website either, some work on the website if you try long enough, for eaxmple:
,while some just don't.

Just to make it clear, even if that 1st link may work no matter if you click it a 1000 times in the program it won't work.

2.I recently tried a 4GB+ HD file for the first time in your program & it did fail, like I predicted last year, when there is a new one availble i'll give you a link. The 4GB+ 1500kps files do download.

3. some BBC links don't work, the title & image are loaded, but not the rest. Exactly the same as with all the links right now, so won't be able to give an example until everything work again.

4. same as 3. some links have a normal version availible, only give the signed/AD version, when you click the same link few day later might give you the normal version, or not.

BTW. When I was trying that 4GB+ HD file form the BBC last week I ended up installing the program on a different computer to make sure that wa't that problem, then I all of a sudden got a piracy warning, It is working again now thought I'd let you know. I'm only using the program on one computer.

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Re: BBC down + more problems

Postby Chris » 01 Apr 2015, 08:06

The download works for the posted links. Make sure you run version 7.60.
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Postby BillyBull » 24 Apr 2015, 18:37

Sorry for the really late response, had some unrelated issues.
What happend was I had multiple working english ip's. They did great on all sites, including the bbc, apart from playing the video's. All other sites, downloads worked. Like I said it's not like the BBC website was blocked anyway.

I do have examples of the other issues now: ... -day-three - > stops @ 4GB when downloading HD version
..strangely enough these links do download beyond 4 GB @1500 kps: ... nance-bill ... s-26032015

BTW. since the new verion, 400kps was removed & a 2nd HD (2800kps) UK was added, not sure why there would be a difference, but either way the 2800kps(UK) does not work.
It's not needed I guess, I assume bcc removed the 400 just wonder what 2800 UK is.

An examplpe of a link that is availible in a normal verson, that keep showing only the signed one.

ps. The dailyshow site stopped working again, indiviual video's do work + nightly show(video's) does load, but not download at all.

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