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Postby Chris » 11 Dec 2004, 19:17

Version 4.10 ( 11 December 2004 )
  • We have added full support for common TV Cards with MPEG 1/2 Hardware Encoding, for the list of supported/compatible TV Cards, please check this page.
  • The support for Winfast PVR2000, ATI All In Wonder, ASUS TV-FM, Winfast Deluxe, Expert and other similar TV Cards has been improved.
  • Added support for TVgenial scripting interface, you can add/delete recording scheduled task directly from TVgenial, please check this page, for more details about the configuration steps.
  • Removed the noise that appeared on channel changing for some TV Cards drivers.
  • Added the option to change the Sound Mode (SAP) to other value by pressing the 'S' key.
  • The image quality has been improved for TV Cards that have only Video Capture Pins - like Asus TV/FM, Winfast TV Card Series.
  • Added a New option to Enhance the support for Combo Cards ( like ATI All In Wonders series ) has been added in Program Settings->Driver Settings->Advanced.
  • ChrisTV Agent and Scheduler have been optimized and all know bugs have been removed.
  • The Driver Settings window has been reorganized for a better usage.
  • Optimized channel scanning for some tv cards.
  • Added a new feature to Force Country changing according to the TV Channel Video Standard (useful for some TV Cards, when the cable provider is sending the channels in two or more Video Standards and you don't have sound on all channels.)
  • Added a new plugin for controlling ChrisTV with ATI Remote Wonder 1/2.
  • The Girder export file for controlling ChrisTV has been updated with all the new control settings, for more details please check our forum.
  • Fixed Frame Size bug in MPEG Recording module and other small bugs.
  • Some minor fixes and improvements in the AVI recording module.
  • Other small fixes and improvements.
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