Christv Major Release - Version 4.50

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Version 4.50 brings you many new features and improvements :We are introducing a new major feature ChrisTV TimeShift.
TimeShift lets you freeze the live TV stream, giving you a break while is still recording.
By TimeShift recording you can fast-forward through commercials and even create your instant-replay on a live TV program.

ImageThere are 3 Timeshift Running Modes :
Using software DV Encoder ( with high CPU usage and large size for buffer file )
Using software MPEG Encoder ( only MPEG Intervideo Encoder 3 is supported for the moment )
Using hardware MPEG Encoder ( available only for TV Cards with MPEG Hardware Encoding Module )

Note : ChrisTV TimeShift feature works only under Windows XP (MCE) with SP1 or higher.
For software encoding TV Cards there is the option to mute the Preview live Sound while in TimeShift Mode
( in Program Settings-]ChrisTV Settings-]Mute Preview Sound while using TimeShift )You can customize the TimeShift Buffering Time duration between 1 and 300 minutes ( while in trial mode the maximum duration is fixed to 35 minutes ).For a better usage and easy control of ChrisTV TimeShift, you can use the following [a href=features.html#timeshift target=_blank]Keyboard Keys[/a] (Winamp like).
New Features and improved support for Hauppauge PVR series :
You are able to change any setting of the MPEG Hardware Encoder like : Stream type, Video Bitrate, Audio Bitrate, Video Frame Size etc.
MPEG Recording Presets have been added to help you choose faster the best MPEG recording settings.
You can customize the Hauppauge Prefilter Settings for PVR 250/350 TV Cards models, so you'll get the best image quality.
Live Preview has been optimized to work with all PVR series TV Cards.

ChrisTV Scheduler has been improved, you have now the option to choose what ChrisTV should do after a recording task ends : Close ChrisTV,Close PC, Go in Standby Mode,Go in Hibernate Mode.
Recording Profiles for MPEG Hardware Encoding Module have been added to ChrisTV Professional version only, where you can create, load, save and delete your custom profile settings.Teletext in new window (not overlayed) has been redesigned for a better usage.Detection of the MPEG Hardware Encoding module has been improved and optimized for Leadtek PVR 2000, Hauppauge PVR 150/150 MCE and other Blackbird models.TVgenial support has been optimized, also the scheduled task duration bug has been fixed, for tasks that end in the next day.ChrisTV Control Panel can be made visible while TV is in Fullscreen Mode, by moving the mouse in the lower area of the TV Window (Windows Taskbar area).ChrisTV Shareware versions have now a FREE Trial Period of 21 days.Some language files have been updated.Other small fixes and improvements.
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