Preview Of Christv 3.55 & 3.60 Features

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Features of the next releases

ChrisTV 3.55 (released on 2 December 2003)
- Quick Configuration Panel - so users can easily change the important settings (in std & pro versions)
- Mp3/Wav Recording - from radio or tv (only in pro version)
- some fixes for the deinterlace mode.
- and other requested features....

ChrisTV 3.60 (to be released in march 2004)
- Scheduler (in std & pro versions ) + some advanced settings (in pro only)
- Recording Profiles settings (in pro version only)
- Support for Deinterlace Filter and Image Processing Filter while recording will be added in professional version only.
- and other requested features....

Let us know, what do you want beside this :)
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