ChrisTV 3.50 has been released !

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Postby Chris » 19 Sep 2003, 20:26

ChrisTV 3.50 has been released !

After almost 5 months of intensive work and beta testing, we release today ChrisTV 3.50 - Shareware 30 Day Trial Version as Standard and Professional versions.

Version 3.50 (19 September 2003)
Starting with version 3.50, ChrisTV is no longer a freeware software :( It's shareware, check the purchase page on for details.
Recording feature has been added to ChrisTV, you can use any video/audio compression codec installed on your PC.
Added Radio-FM support (works only on TV Cards with RadioFM support)- still experimental - if you set a FM Frequency that you know it works and is only noise (no proper sound) then choose in Audio Input box between Tuner In or Line In (for each radio station).
Now you can add as channel the composite input and s-video input.
Added Image Processing Filter (only available in ChrisTV Professional version), it will not work in recording mode for the moment. You can apply video effects : red, green, blue, darken, invert, blur, gray, and emboss effects.
Image Capture works now faster and is more stable.
Now you can autoscan using 2 methods : by frequency (channel tables) or by Channel Number (use Scan Mode button for switching between the 2 modes)
Added support for adjusting the frequency of a channel using the channel number.
Now there is an option for each channel to set the sound mode : Auto, Mono, Stereo, Dual.
Channels window has been redesigned in order to be more easy to add/scan/finetune channels.
Added support for ATI All in Wonder 9800 with original WDM Drivers, the no sound bug has been removed. :)
Dscaler Deinterlace Filter is no longer in the ChrisTV 3.50 Package, you can download it from here and install it (please check the readme.txt file for installation instructions).
Updated the ChrisTV Help file :)
More than 200 TV logos.
4 New language files have been added to ChrisTV package : Danish ( Thanks to Payne ), French ( Thanks to BlindMan & Drizzt ), Spanish (Thanks to Sergio Baretto), Ukrainian (Thanks to Andrew aka "Palych" Burtyk & Alezz).
A lot of improvements & fixes were made.
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