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Version 3.70 ( 15 May 2004 )

- NEW Automatic Channel Scanning 'by frequency', where you can choose the frequency interval and the step (0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 7.00, 8.00 mhz) of the automatic scan.
- Improved the automatic channel scanning 'by channel number' and 'by channel table'.
- Added the option to schedule audio (radio&tv) recording tasks.
- MSI TV @nywhere Cards are fully supported now, for more details on configuring check ...
- The recording module has been optimized and all known bugs have been removed.
- In order to help our users to find the solutions to common problems we have added a new Settings Window - ChrisTV Tips & Troubleshooting.
- ChrisTV Settings Window has been reorganized.
- ChrisTV Driver Settings Window has been reorganized.
- Added the option to reInitialize the WDM Driver on ChrisTV start, in order to fix some problems related to : noise (or no proper sound) - Medion TV Cards,no channel detection on channel autoscan or wrong video standard used on ChrisTV launch.
- Added the option to use a special channel frequency tunning for some TV Cards, like MSI TV @nywhere Cards.
- Improvements and fixes in the Zoom Module, on some cases the zoom wasn't set corectly after ChrisTV restart when Deinterlace Filter or Image Processing filter was enabled.
- You can now Zoom to the center of the image by holding down CTRL key and using mousewheel in order to zoom in or out.
- Added the option to Disable Video Renderer while using Radio Mode, so the CPU ocupancy will be lower, but the channel switch time between TV Mode and Radio Mode could increase.
- Added the feature to export and import the ChrisTV Channel List to *.chl files.
- Added the option to hide the channel number in the popupmenu channel list and in the TV OSD.
- Added the option to choose the Clock Time Format for the OSD Clock.
- Sleep Timer/Shutdown Function should work properly on all PC's configurations now.
- Other small fixes and improvements.

Note: In ChrisTV 3.70, more Preview Formats/Frame Sizes have been added in order to be compatible with NTSC standard and MPEG1/2 standards. There could be some image quality issues for users updating from previous versions, if so please go to Program Settings->Video Rendering and Set the "Preview Format" to a correct value (like 768x576, 640x480 for PAL), same thing could happen when using custom recording profiles.
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