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There are many things that can be added to the player. Getting some of the best off all worlds. They player in appearance is nice the station listing is basic and simple.

Here is a huge list of things:

Dealing with the Expat community. They are always looking for something that will bring this home. However they do not want 10 programs that clutter the screen to watch TV. If you want to appeal to Expats and be the true one stop for all your viewing needs. Here is a huge list of things that will aid in this.

Since most of your business is English speaking having a button that goes to English speaking content immediately. Or a filter for just language.

I would like to see an ability to incorporate a proxy server into the player.
Thus Justin TV and other links could be available. As it stands you can not do as such. So you must VPN it. Also as some content is Geo restricted the Proxy would then allow those to be seen.

Then a menu item with Geo restricted content could be added with country and then list. This would make the player more versatile.

Also a simple browser added into the program could also be helpful. That appears in the main window. As this already is using from what I can tell IE. Then the user could select Hulu, Fancast or BBC or ITV. Making this a true one stop.

I use another player in my sales and what that offers that this fails is Plugins. It would be nice to see optional plugins. There are many great programs that offer programing. PPStream Ustream Youtube TVU. Though in Chinese the menu list and selection are in English. Thousands of movies. Even a movie plugin would be nice where you can search for movies available online.

Additionally a feature that will allow you to block certain ports as Flash will revert back and uncover a proxy.

As you know many streams are handled online and can be watched (though not as seamless with this player). If the player had a flash capture or stream capture built in it would make finding a stream alot easier for the end user. Thus adding to their favorites. Another reason to have a browser inside.

Lastly I do not know how this software updates. However when I get a premium account
(hoping you read my comment form email). It would be nice if the favorites list could just be uploaded. Or content that was added by user. Going to help all users as I have 30 or so more streams that are not shown.

I did send email. Concerning a premium account.

Keep up the nice work and watching for improvements. As this is best looking and channel selection is far greater then others. I have tried at least 10 players and this is the most promising.

Tim Potter
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