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Please make sure first that you have selected correctly the TV card type in Configuration Wizard. If you still encounter problems please check the following settings.

Your TV Card can output the TV sound in 3 modes :

A. TV Cards that have a sound cable that connects your TV Card Line out to your Sound card line in, make sure that is plugged correctly.
Press Capture Device Settings button and choose your sound card in Audio Capture Source; also in TV Card Settings Window try to change the Video Standard to other value and Audio Input to Line in 1(2,3).

B. TV Cards that are streaming the TV sound digitally via the PCI-bus or the I2S-bus and no cable connection is required between the TV card audio output and Sound Card line in input.
In this case you should enable "Use TV Card Audio Output through the PCI-bus (TV Card WDM Driver)" setting in Capture Device Settings window.
Also make sure that as Audio Capture Source your Sound Card is selected.

C. Many USB TV Cards are streaming the TV sound digitally via USB and no cable connection is required between the TV card audio output and Sound Card line in input.
In this case you should check in Audio Rendering Device combobox for "USB Audio" or a device with a name similar with your TV card name, (for example : PCTV USB2 Audio, WinTV USB2 Audio etc).
After you select the correct device you have to enable "Render TV Audio through Audio Rendering Device" setting (make sure that "Use TV Card Audio Output through PCI" is disabled ).
Also make sure that in Audio Capture Source-> your Sound Card is selected.

Other information and advices in order to fix any sound problem :

Other usefull tips for no sound problem or bad sound (noise problems) :
Some TV Card drivers (based on Philips 713x chipset and Conexant CX2388x chipset) use the Country Code to determine the Sound Standard used in that region.
Please make sure that you have set correctly the Country (Location) , where you (or your cable provider) are in the Windows Control Panel ->Regional Settings -> "Location" and  "Standards and Formats" ,
This problem can be solved in 4.xx version by setting the Region/Country in ChrisTV Configuration Wizard or ChrisTV Quick Configuration Panel.

For some countries there could be problems, because the cable provider doesn't broadcast the channels in the official TV Standard for that country.
In that case try this values in order to force the video standard that is used by your cable provider :
PAL BG - Germany ( 49 )
PAL DK - Romania ( 40 )
PAL I - United Kingdom

Also make sure that the Video Standard for the Channels are set right to the one used in your area ( check ChrisPC Media Streamer Help ->Video Standard List )

If the sound mutes after 1-2 minutes while watching TV, then probably the TV Card WDM driver is not properly installed or the problem is caused by some settings in Norton Antivirus, you should disable (Un-check) "MSN messenger","Yahoo messenger" and "AOL messenger" settings in the "Internet" selection of Norton AntiVirus 2003(2004,2005) for more details check : ... php?t=4010 ... 6517#16517
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