Media Stremer On Whs ( Winodws Home Server)

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I have successfully installed the programme on my WHS .

Since WHS just sits under my TV idling I thought why not use it to watch TV on my laptop in any room

Howver I have one big proble, When WHS restarts it does not log on ( this functionality is not required as it supports remote operations through WHS client machine)

However Christv does not start unless I login and manually load the profile.

Is there anyway I can run it as service with preloaded settings so that I do not have to manually log into server every time

( BTW) whs at core is windows 2003 only

I also found this utility ... showfile=7

Which files I should load to make it work

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What software do you reffer to ChrisTV or ChrisPC Media Streamer ?
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Post by CipInsek »

Om MC10 there was an option to start media server on windows startup.

In the version 11 I must start the program to startup media server.

Is there a solution to do this automaticly on the background when I put my computer on?

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Any way to get this functionality i.e. Media Server mode as a service, so that it can actually run on a server without login?
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You can still start Media Server at Windows bootup. This runs a small sub-set of MC and the icon will be in the lower right corner of the desktop.
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