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Hi, I see very little questions about Christweak in this forum.
I find this a very useful utility though.
I was wondering if the following is possible :

To change the settings of the TV card so that it uses a CBR (constant bitrate) of 12 Mbps via the Crossbar controller.
With Christweak I can do that manually for my 2 TV cards, but when I reboot the system, these settings are reset again.
I would like to get maximum quality in (Vista) Mediacenter, so that would seem to be the only way to get this, as the MS software only has 4 quality settings, and I think the maximum you can get is 6 Mbps VBR (variable bitrate) with an average of 4Mbps.
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The modifications to recording settings are made directly in the TV card driver, ChrisTWEAK does not have any control on these settings and can not load or save them.

Also note, that the MPEG hardware recording settings can not be customized at run time while the capture device is being used by a TV application.

P.S. You can try our PVR solution ChrisTV PVR Professional which offers advanced recording settings for Hauppauge PVRs :
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