Winxp64bit 6gig-ram Pvr150 Le

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Post by Mimo »

Hi all,

Like the title i have a xp 64bit running with a Haupage 150 LE
(light edition is just a smaller card without remote control). I don't know if it's a hardware or a software problem but with the standard software i can't watch tv.

i found that 6 gig of ram isn't compitabel with the standard software/hardware. i wonder if Chris software could help me out.

i'm not sure if i have to post it on chris tweak forum, sorry about that.


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Post by lordrugi »

At least there are driver for the PVR 150 and a 64 bit Windows. For my PVR 350 there are no 64 bit drivers, what makes me sick, as I have 6 GB of ram and have now to decide whether to use my TV card or the ram.....

I hate hauppauge....
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