Trying to post in "ChrisPC Free VPN" but forum is closed?

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Trying to post in "ChrisPC Free VPN" but forum is closed?

Postby RockThePalladium » 06 Apr 2021, 21:42

Is this an accident? I don't see a "Post" button.

This is first time trying to use VPN. I don't watch YouTube Videos because it's owned by Google. (Google "fingerprints" computers via Cloudflare.)

It seems no VPNs work, even those without passwords. I get "couldn't create tunnel". I'm using the latest version (downloaded today). Is ChrisPC VPN defunct? Or was forum closure an accident?

The "get new password" link takes you to each provider's website, where most of them don't have passwords. But I literally looked at one that said they don't require passwords (but it was from a site that had the link) nor registration. Their newest instructions are for Windows 8 but it uses Windows own setup, not ChrisPC or other software.

I'm very confused. :blink: Do I need to do both?
Or does anyone have recommedations on which site is easiest to connect to and most reliable?
I can't say I tried every one, but I tried a bunch.

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