Any way to limit proxy usage?

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Any way to limit proxy usage?

Postby Cephus » 07 Nov 2014, 19:29

I'm testing the free version of the ChrisPC Anonymous Proxy and while it does what it's advertised to do, it doesn't seem to do what I need it to do. The only thing I want from a proxy is to protect my bittorrenting. Otherwise, I don't need it to anonymize anything else, I don't need it for web browsing, IRC, Skype or any other online activity. It just slows all of those things down to a crawl, it makes my bank reject connections because it thinks I'm in China, it makes Google think I'm in the Netherlands and keeps asking me to prove I'm not a bot, etc. That is annoying in the extreme. I want to restrict my proxy use only to bittorrent and nothing else, yet I see nothing in the free version of the proxy that allows me to do so. Of course, this may appear in the paid version and I'm fine with that, but hopefully you can let me know if this is something that's even possible to do with your product or if I should look elsewhere.

Thanks for your help.

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