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Post by jamesb »

There appear to be Theater 550 x64 drivers in this package:

They are under the setup\WDM_ALL\RIO\XP64A folder after you extract it. I don't have the card so I can't say if it works or not though.
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Post by criagcazenave »

I figured out the high CPU usage. In the dual monitor mode the cpu goes to 60% but not in the other mode. That was 4.7. I have not looked at 4.8 in dual monitor mode. Must say the quality seems better in 4.8 but it may be wishful thinking.
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Post by Dennister »

Yes, it most certainly does work under x64 with the newest x64 drivers from ati. However, I got them in a package from Powercolor, the makers of my PCIE (x1)tuner, and I've had much better success with that package than the one straight from ati.

ChrisTV is getting plenty of advertising from me as an excellent product on various support newsgroups :D

So far, the biggest problem I'm having with x64 is that I cannot get a driver to make my LG super RAM drive to go into DMA mode. Fine for audio CD's and software installations without DMA, but can't watch DVD's even under Media Player without that DMA. To watch a movie disk I have to go into my MCE drive, which causes another problem...

And it's strange: I can get plenty of channels before the scanning mode is started, but only the Rogers advertising channels after scanning. I've got a Rogers digital descramber box, but I must be doing something wrong in the finiding channels phase, although I've spent hours trying different scan modes, including frequency. I'm also using the cyberlink decoders, although I now hate that company almost as much as ATI itself. (Cyberlink bundles spyware, wild tangent games, with their PowerCinema 4 software, then throws 'no tuner available' very soon; ATi has all sorts of detailed privacy policies as befits a Canadian company working under Canada's stringent privacy laws, and then negates them with more very rudely-worded legal fine print. Ergo, you have privacy rights -- but you have to register your products through the web, and by so doing you are giving up those rights.)

Anyway, I'm now trying to get some channels and a scheduler through the TV-browser 2.1 plugin, with the separate-but-connected Zap2it labs dataservice. Again, I must be doing something wrong, probably the dataservice and lineup in the wrong directories, but I'm nervous about changing things to reflect the North American context here. (I'd like to delete the European channels, now simply disabled, but have read posts on the zap2it forum that this will make it inoperable.)

LOL, for awhile there I had a continuous and vicious spiral downwards of problems begetting more serious problems; now I've got another spiral upwards of solutions requiring another software package, learn how to use that, find out I need a third software package to make the second one work, learn that...

Basically I'd like some assistance from someone who's used the Tv-browser and zap2it; at this rate my 21-day trial will expire before I can enjoy this thing...
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Basic setup: Theatre 550 Pro (PCI-Ex1 version), XFX GeForce 7800GT, Athlon 64 X2 3800, XP X64 Ed. Rogers HDTV with Scientif Atlanta 8300 PVR conneted to tuner with S-Video
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Regarding TV Browser and Zap2it:
you should contact RIG ( ), it seems he did managed to setup the zap2it plugin.

TVBrowser has an English forum, check following link :
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Post by Louie »

My TV Card: Pinnacle PCTV 310i
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate
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Post by kmurdock »

Louie @ May 10 2006, 17:18 wrote: PCTV 50i & 110i driver for XP64 version: ... 6&Itemid=2
are there ay specific instructions to install the drivers for PCTV 50i & 110i driver for XP64 version:

have it on my desktop and windows doesn't recognize them as the drivers for the device, am wondering if there is somthing that I have missed
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