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Hey Chris,

I am using Chris TV 5.40 Pro
OS: Win 7 Ultimate
Tv Tuner: AverTV MCE 116 Plus

When i click on Activate TimeShift I get "TimeShift can not be used on this PC, because some DirectShow filters required are not installed (properly) "

I installed FFDShow DirectShow Filter (the links you provided in your download page), in TimeShift settings i changed MPEG video/audio decoder to ffdshow Video/Audio decoder. Timeshift running mode is set to Hardware MPEG encoder.

From christv.log:

10:58:43.605: Inf - TimeShift Graphs start...
10:58:43.631: Inf - Searching filters...
10:58:43.639: Inf - Stream Sink Filter Found.
10:58:43.641: Inf - Stream Source Filter Found.
10:58:43.643: Err - Error loading filter : {6CFAD761-735D-4AA5-8AFC-AF91A7D61EBA} : The operation completed successfully.
10:58:43.645: Err - TimeShift Missing filters.
10:59:46.926: Err - TimeShift Graph aborted - TimeShift_Filters not found.

if you need i can post all the log.

Thanks in advance!
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