Tv Tuner Audio Via "cd Audio" Method?

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Postby MRink » 06 Jan 2010, 03:39

I have a Hauppauge TV Tuner that's working fine with audio being output from its Line Out, which I'm looping back into my computer's Line In the standard way. My question, since this card has a 4-pin connector onboard -- like the old cables you'd have running off of CD-ROMs for audio -- shouldn't I be able to get my audio without the loopback?

I've tried connecting this connector on the tuner card to the 4-pin port on my motherboard labeled "CD IN", but no matter what I do with my settings in Chris TV I cannot get sound. Am I misunderstanding this or is there some combination of settings that will give me audio without the loopback?

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Postby cajamiziv » 18 Jul 2010, 08:03


I'm using this way my PCTV Studio Pro card, and it works correctly. The main goal for me is that the video and audio are in sync, audio not delays, as other combinations.

You have to enable CD-IN in the Windows volume control panel. Possibly you have to check the audio card's control program for additional setup (eg. Realtek Sound Panel).

In ChrisTV, I set these under Image & Sound Settings:
    Sound in is CD IN
    don't use DirectX sound controlling
Under More Settings I have the followings for the SOund Playback tab:
    SOund Mixer is the audio card's output
    Destination is Main Volume
    Sound Input is CD IN.

Dont ask why is this. Other settings result no controllable volume level.

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