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I ahve a Powercolor Theater 550 pro PCI-E card I have been using a for a couple of years and it worked just fine under XP 32bit, I got a new computer with Windows 7 and 64bit.
So ATI has no driver support for the 550 pro, the old Vista driver does work (and looks good) but the sound is at a very very low volume and yeah everything is cranked up as much as I can get but I get volume so low on captures its silly. Plus even though you select stereo everywhere you can including the ini file it still says mono on the chris tv control window and also sounds like mono after you normalize the audio so you cna hear it on a capture. I have normalized the volume, but it sounds like it too, not enough dynamic range, altough that does amp the volume up enough to hear so it is getting audo, just at a whisper.

Same line-out plugged into the audio card, no problem normal volume.
So I figure its the 550 Pro and Windows support of it.

Plan B - Buy a new card, the 550 is 2 yr old so why not, my question - what is a recommended card, all of the ones on the supported card list are a couple years old themselves.
Looking at the Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1850 at New Egg - Is this card supported?
I capture using s-video and stereo audio input in MPEG-2 so want the HW encoding, I had experence with software MPEG a few years ago (dropped frames).
If the 1850 is not supported can anyone at all tell me of a supported card, that's currently in production, with Windows 7 drivers and is compatable with Chris TV?
Price is a consideration but I am not looking to go cheap as you do get what you pay for most of the time.
I just want to be able to capture tv shows to my disk and watch them, occasionally burn to DVD for longevity.

Sorry for the long post -
Dave - N8ZFM (Amateur Radio)
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