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Postby Christie » 23 Apr 2010, 06:33

moving to an new system (i7-920), with win 7 ultimate on it. does anyone know a good tuner that works well in 64-bit win7? Ideally that allows ChrisTV's AVI recording mode properly? (divx/xvid, mainly)

My old PVR-350's long past it's prime, and never could record AVI right... so.... any ideas, anyone?

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Postby Christie » 08 May 2010, 09:01

I ended up having to install a second OS, 32-bit win7, just to be able to use my tuner and get these VHS tapes converted.

I can't believe finding a good tuner that runs well with ChrisTV under win7 64-bit, is such a hard question. :huh:

I'm sure many people have one that works-- and I'd bet several of them can record AVI cleanly with ChrisTV.. all I'm asking for is some suggestions, brands and models people know DO work... :(

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Postby podtec » 16 May 2011, 19:12

I have windows 7 ultimate 64 bit working fine with my ATI 650 pro. I can record in any format, that is, analog no digital of course and all works well. I did not do anything special to get my ATI card to work just loaded the drivers and picked the codec.

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