Can't Figure Out How To Add Composite Video 1?

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Hoping this is in the right place, if not, please let me know!

I have a Sony VAIO desktop running Windows XP, model #VGC-RC110G. Not sure what kind of TV card it has, but has RCA and S-Video inputs.

Long story short, I'm trying to play my PS2 through the computer, via the RCA inputs and whatever TV tuner software I can make work!

Windows Media Center finds the signal from the PS2, coming in on "Composite Video 1", and shows the PS2 game screen playing in a little window, the audio comes through fine also. However, Media Center seems to need some kind of "IR Hardware to control set-top box", which I do not have, or need, to play my PS2, but Windows Media center only gives the option to either "Try Again" to find the "IR Hardware" or "Cancel". Unfortunately there is no "Proceed without IR Hardware" option.

I know the video and audio signals are getting through to my computer via "Composite Video 1" input because of this, but I'm still stuck.

I downloaded ChrisTV Lite hoping I could make it work, but can't find the "Composite Video 1" source. Tried adding channels, and selecting the Composite Video icon, and naming said channel "Composite Video 1", but to no avail.

Anyone have any suggestions to shed some light on this for me??
Thanks in advance!
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Post by Rider4130 »

Thanks for the quick reply!

Read through the other you linked, but still pretty lost. Please have patience as this is the first time I've messed around with anything TV related on the computer.

Do I have to go into the Program Files-ChrisTVLite, and open the ChrisTV.xml document and edit it with those settings?

Since I have the input coming in as "Composite Video 1" according to Windows Media Center, would I edit the XML document to say:


since 0=1st input?

The only option I can find that says anything about "Crossbar" is right clicking to get the Advanced drop down menu- Driver Settings-Crossbar Device. Is this correct?
I messed around with the settings in there a bit, but still couldn't get a picture or audio to pop up.

I was in the TV Capture Filter Properties menu, it shows "Signal Detected : 1", which I would imagine is my input signal coming in?

I noticed in the linked post the gentleman was running ChrisTVPro, where I am running ChrisTVLite. Would that make any difference?

I appreciate the feedback!
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