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I'm totally green to the ChrisTV PVR and hopefully someone can tell me if I can pull this off. First my home server is a i7 quad core with ridiculous amounts of ram on a 802.11n wifi network. I have two Roku XR boxes that I stream to with the MyMedia channel. My tv card is a Haupauge WinTV-HVR-950Q that I use Windows Media Center to dvr all my scheduled recordings and the I use MCEBuddy to convert those .wtv files into commercial free .mp4's which can then be streamed to my roku's.

Now here are my questions:

Can I set up ChrisTV PVR to replace MCE to save native h.264 or mp4?

This would eliminate my wtv->mp4 conversion process which can take upwards of an hour.

Can ChrisPC Media Streamer do HLS live streaming?

This may enable streaming of a channel from the usb tv tuner if I caught up to the live portion of my recording.

Does anyone have any related success stories in regards to Roku?

Hopefully if this is an impossible task someone could let me know right now before I waste a bunch of time attempting this.
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