BBC iPlayer

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BBC iPlayer

Postby ferret » 08 Jun 2018, 15:07

ive just tried to download one of the programmes - an old football match (which normally goes without a hitch) - on two occasions but windows media player wont play the file because of codecs, even though its up to date.

have the BBC changed something it so that even if you download using this package it cannot be watched - I'm thinking because they are going to have an Ultra HD stream for the World Cup that they might have as youre now required to login before watching anything, which never used to be the case...

hopefully you will be able to help - this is the best package ive used and I can download stuff that no other package would be able to access...

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Re: BBC iPlayer

Postby ferret » 08 Jun 2018, 18:46

theres definitely something blocking the download. ive just done it again (the file is "world cup rewind - England vs Tunisia) and although the file shows up as being ready to play as normal, when you click on the completed file it says 0 bytes.

so there is definitely something blocking access to the file. its not codecs as ive just downloaded VCL player and watched a downloaded torrent file on there with no problem at all... think support needs to check it as it could become an issue with any programme on that site

hope this gets resolved before the world cup starts next Thursday - ive got a lot of games to download as they happen...

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Re: BBC iPlayer

Postby hans302 » 09 Jun 2018, 04:04


I use Chris's software and BBC iPlayer to download loads of content each day. I have just downloaded the programme you listed (FIFA World Cup Rewind, England v Tunisia 1998) using both CUT & PASTE mode and LINK FINDER and the output files all download correctly for me and play on my WINDOWS 10 PC using Windows Media Player, VLC Player, and also using iTunes to stream to my APPLE TV.


When you use LINK FINDER you should get a number of LINKS appear (both in IE Mode and Chrome Mode) - To check I could download them I chose DOWNLOAD ALL - This put all the file links onto the main screen - All of them downloaded correctly and played correctly. (Note that most of the LINK FINDER downloads for this link are in FLV format and large at 4.66 GB)


So not sure this helps you, but to let you know that BBC iPlayer and Chris's software has been working fine for me (probably 4 months since the last glitch) and as I download content every day - I always post my findings on the FORUM.

Hope you get it working again soon, sorry I can't give you any more pointers.

With regards
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Re: BBC iPlayer

Postby ferret » 10 Jun 2018, 12:03

that is useful information. However for the capability of having link finder - that means having to upgrade even further to the Pro version. Having initially spent money to allow me to download full length videos in the supposedly "free" downloader, I am reluctant to have to pay even more money.

as I'm technically already a paid subscriber should I not be allowed access to all features? if not fair enough, then you should be allowed to download the full length programmes you can access without link finder without being charged for the capacity to do so?

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Re: BBC iPlayer

Postby ferret » 10 Jun 2018, 13:51

well Hans - ive just tried again on the cut and paste method. whatever has worked for you certainly hasn't for me. as soon as the file has downloaded - i.e. all the segments are bound together and the sound file then added, as normal - you should be able to clickon the file and it give you file size, running time etc. all I get is the file size which means when you try to open it you cannot - it says the file is possibly corrupt.

so although you may have been able to open it(probably using link finder only) I cannot. there must be a glitch as this is now the fourth time ive tried to cut/copy and paste and it hasn't worked on any occasion. That's too much of a coincidence

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Re: BBC iPlayer

Postby Chris » 13 Jun 2018, 13:10

Post the URL you've tried.

You can try to convert the MP4 file and see if it helps, it will re-encode it.
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