Request Feature Filter Link Finder

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Request Feature Filter Link Finder

Postby MatteCrystal » 09 Feb 2019, 06:17

I got the video tube downloader pro specifically to download mpd videos and for the most part it works well. However, Actually selecting these videos to download is a pain. Thats because every site that i download from that contains them will also populate the link finder with about 6 other .mp4 files which are just part files. And every few seconds more useless .mp4 files pop up making it difficult to find and click to download the mpd. Yes i can click to sort by type and bring the mpd file to the top but then if i go to another page the same thing will happen with tons of useless files populating it doesn't even keep track of the filter by type sort that was specified before. I have to manually 2x click to get the mpd file back to the top.

Anyways I'm kinda ranting but please just allow us to filter what can be put into the link finder box. I only want to see .mpd files and i would also like them to populate in a sensible manner. Ex: newest mpd files on the top (not the bottom like it currently is) This is fairly unintuitive and it's made worse due to the fact that the link box is forced to be stretched across the entire bottom of the browser meaning you don't really have much space for entries unless you want to work with 50% or less of the browser.

So while I'm at it i might as well also request a way to make the link portion of the link finder browser to have the option to pop out. That way we can keep full realistate of the browser window.

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Re: Request Feature Filter Link Finder

Postby Chris » 09 Feb 2019, 09:18

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.

We try to filter out automatically the part files and just have the MPDs, however it much depends on the site.

Have you tried to disable Settings->Use Advance File detection ?
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