Video skipping from BBC iPlayer

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Video skipping from BBC iPlayer

Postby martyboy26 » 06 Aug 2019, 00:49

Been using the product for a few years without problems. Just recently, every video I download from BBC stops randomly and then just continues on with some recorded sections missing. Any ideas?

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Re: Video skipping from BBC iPlayer

Postby Chris » 06 Aug 2019, 07:18

Do you use a VPN to access the website?
This could be related to your connection speed.
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Re: Video skipping from BBC iPlayer

Postby Coppernob » 23 Sep 2019, 17:00

I am having a lot of the same problem with both BBC and ITV recordings. The Mp4s are correct length (i.e. a 58minute program is a 58 milnute file) but there are many droputs in the playback. My smart DNS is good and download speed is excellent. In order to debug this I have a few questions.

My first debug question is if the issue is the source download or the conversion to mp4.
Is there anyway to keep the source download, view it, and compare it to the converted mp4?

Once I do this i can see where the source of the problem lies, maybe I am running too many concurrent downloads and i should just download in series instead of parallel.

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