Using Mux Video & Audio feature to Mux ‘spa’ audio with MP4s

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Using Mux Video & Audio feature to Mux ‘spa’ audio with MP4s

Postby aph0 » 22 Oct 2019, 20:26

I am currently attempting to download video streams from:

But I have hit a snag in that the MP4 videos downloaded from the site play without sound.

When Video Link Finder is used to select and download a video, ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader Pro presents the “Audio Streams Detected” window - as shown below:
ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader Pro - (spa) Audio Streams Detected.png

... reporting that 2 ‘spa’ audio streams have been found. However, selecting either spa stream ( …but isn’t it the same stream presented twice? ) makes no difference - as after downloading the video and then using the Mux Video and Audio feature (as advised by the “Audio Streams Detected” window) to join both the audio and video together, no audio seems to be available when the resulting video is played back.

Also, where does ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader Pro save the ‘spa’ audio stream information to – no ‘.spa’ file is saved alongside the .mp4 file?

Indeed, by using other tools - as far as I can tell - no audio file appears to have been embedded into the Muxed video file by ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader Pro.

As this is the first time I have come across the use of ‘spa’ audio streams (which seem uncommon), it is possible the tools which I have do not recognize ‘spa’ audio.

How do I restore audio to downloaded Alaska – The Last Frontier videos?
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Re: Using Mux Video & Audio feature to Mux ‘spa’ audio with

Postby aph0 » 25 Oct 2019, 15:26

Apologies, however the Downloader does appear to be working as it should ... it was my lack of familiarity with the process that was the issue.

It would help if Chris PC used different icons for different streams such as music & video - distinguishing between different file formats; at first I did not notice the label for the 'spa' file that I needed to download.

Instead of always seeing the ubiquitous default M3U8 icon, using a different icon for file types - such as in this instance for 'spa' audio - would have definitely helped make what was going on in the Downloader more obvious.

Moving on, I have encountered another issue described below.


The Video Lind Finder correctly locates 3 types of stream; video streams with various resolutions & bitrates and 2 M3U8 Video streams where one of the streams is a ‘spa’ audio file for each of the episodes listed below:

- Alaska: The Last Frontier - S07.E05: The Day The Buffalo Broke Free: ... HD_185033C

- Alaska: The Last Frontier - S07.E06: Buffalo 2, Cowboys 0: ... HD_185034C

- Alaska: The Last Frontier - S07.E07: The Day The Glacier Fell: ... HD_185035C

- Alaska: The Last Frontier - S07.E08: The Day Thanksgiving Went Mobile: ... HD_185036C
et al …

Note that NONE of the above videos has the audio stream embedded in it – after downloading, the ‘spa’ audio stream needs to be muxed with the video stream using the “Mux Video and Audio” feature (Thank-you Chris-PC!).

… however Video Link Finder fails to locate a ‘spa’ audio file for the episode listed below:

- Alaska: The Last Frontier - S07.E04: The Day The Cattle Swam ... HD_185032C

Is Video Link Finder failing to detect the 'spa' audio file or is the website not offering an 'spa' stream?

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Re: Using Mux Video & Audio feature to Mux ‘spa’ audio with

Postby aph0 » 28 Oct 2019, 07:22

UPDATE: It turned out that no browser that I used would play the video over the internet with audio either … so it would appear that in fact, the audio feed for S07.E04 was unavailable!

Final scores for this download session:

- Video Website: -1
- User: 0
- VideoTube Downloader: 2


The ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader is a great product, but would benefit from the addition of a couple of new features described below:

(1) At present it is only possible to MUX (join) a video and audio file together into a single file immediately after their download.
Please can ChrisPC make it possible to mux video and audio files at a later time?

(2) After using the Video Link Finder to add video (and audio) streams to the VideoTube Downloader, please can ChrisPC make it possible to change the order of the streams pending download, by being able to move a chosen stream up or down in the download list?

Thanks for reading.

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