How to download from BBC iPlayer needing login

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How to download from BBC iPlayer needing login

Postby anb » 10 Apr 2018, 11:11


On occasion, both BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub require you to login as the content is not suitable for certain age ranges. In this scenario the app fails to detect any video link in the URL, which is understandable, so I end up having to use the Link Finder. With this, I then login and start the video but the video links displayed cannot be downloaded easily. My current issue is trying to download ... -episode-2. After logging in it seems the video is split up in to hundreds of chunks. No matter which chunk I pick either the download fails or the file downloaded is not playable. It seemed that if I selected a particular chunk then it would automatically download all previous chunks, so I skipped to the very end and downloaded the last chunk which reported there were 914 chunks to download. It reported the download was successful but the resultant file is not playable in anything.

The files listed in Link Finder are either F4M or MPD. I am not familiar with either so I tried downloading them all.

Is there a special knack to getting downloads working from BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub when needing to login?


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Re: How to download from BBC iPlayer needing login

Postby Chris » 10 Apr 2018, 11:44

The Link Finder engine detects 2 sources for this video MPD and F4M. You can download any of them. MPD download will give you a MP4 file, while F4M will have a FLV output which you can easily convert to MP4 after.

Make sure you use latest version 10.04.06.
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