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Download from Discovery +

Posted: 16 Apr 2022, 22:28
by John Picton
I posted this a a follow up to my question on the Screen Recording forum, It feels appropriate to post it here as well, it is when I try to download from Discovery +

"Thanks for replying Chris.

I was wrong, I didnt have the pro version (I made the mistake because I was paying annually for an addon).

I have now (today) purchased a years subscription to the pro version. However if I use "Link Finder expert" the video is detected and I can click on process files and it appears as if the video is downloading and then the audio, however nothing gets saved into the output folder. Am I doing something wrong?



Re: Download from Discovery +

Posted: 17 Apr 2022, 05:51
by Chris
Please provide sample links.

Re: Download from Discovery +

Posted: 17 Apr 2022, 12:06
by John Picton
Thanks ror replying Chris (I didnt expect such a quick response as it is the Easter break).

I tried a few links - here is one. ... st-emilion

I do have a subscription to Discovery +.