Application stops working during assessment

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Application stops working during assessment

Postby mainshipper » 11 Dec 2015, 21:34

I am running the latest version of the Assessment software (4.10) and am unable to get it to work on one of my PCs (Lenovo T430 I7 notebook w/nVidia 5400M graphics + Intel HD Graphics 4000 running Win 10 Pro 64bit). The following is the log at the time it stops. I suspect that it is the nVidia graphics that's causing the issue as it runs on other Win 10 PCs I have. I can send you more info (if it's available).

Windows System Assessment Tool
> Running the Formal Assessment
> Running: Feature Enumeration ''
> Run Time 00:00:00.00
> Running: WinSAT Direct3D Assessment '-aname DWM -time 10 -fbc 10 -disp off -normalw 1 -alphaw 2 -width 1280 -height 1024 -winwidth C(1144) -winheight C(915) -rendertotex 6 -rtdelta 3 -nolock'
> Assessing Desktop Graphics Performance <=== step where it stops

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