Chris TV and noise on the WinXP

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Chris TV and noise on the WinXP

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I have installed Chris TV on my WinXP pro and I was very happy. Unfortunately, after a few days, I must reinstall everything after the system crashed. I reinstalled all drivers, service packs and patches and then I installed Chris TV. Chris TV works perfectly except for one thing: there is no sound (only noise, the same when U cannot tune in). I tried it with DX9a and DX9b with and without DirectX9b-KB825116-x86-ENU.exe.

I have AverMedia TV Studio 303 on Conexant CX23881-27 chipset, Intel P4 @ WinXP.

My cable TV provider is Astercity and here are channels with frequencies. I can scan and add all channels, but no sound, only noise.

On the other hand, MSI released a driver update that fixes some 'Fixed Poland PAL_B TV system ' bugs for TV@nywhere Master (based on the same chipset).

BTW: AverMedia software works fine, but who wants to use it? any idea

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