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Postby Chris » 27 Feb 2006, 11:41

The sound sync problem could appear only if LIVE Preview mode is enabled (bypassing the MPEG HW Encoder). And seems to appear when ffdshow/deinterlace filters are enabled.

You can try to disable this filters or use Reclock sound renderer filter to keep sound sync

In Reclock Configuration you have to set the Sound Prebuffer size (in ms) to a value between 50-100 (so there won't be any "visible" sound delay) and if it doesn't load with ChrisTV you have also to enable "Force Reclock to be loaded in place of default DirectSound/Wave renderers".

Before using Reclock you should read their manual - readme.rtf file
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Postby Deam » 27 Feb 2006, 20:12

I returned the card. I wanted to use it for counsel gaming, and with the hardware not being used, and not being able to use the filters, the quality is terrible.


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