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Solve your ChrisTV PVR related problems ( Read this before you post )
Also please check the Tips&Tricks Forum, you might find a fix for your problem.
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Before you post on the Troubleshooting, Errors & Bugs in ChrisTV Forum,

1. Please make sure that you read :
- ChrisTV - Frequently Asked Questions (F. A. Q)
- the topics from Tips&Tricks Forum -

2. Use the Search function of the forum in order to make sure that your problem isn't allready solved in other topic :

This ChrisTV Forum Category is intended for ChrisTV Users to post their Troubleshooting, Errors & Bugs related ONLY to ChrisTV and we'll try to answer and solve the problems as soon as possible.

ChrisTV Registered Users have priority and have FREE support.

In order to understand what the problem might be and solve it faster, make sure to :
1) Do a complete description how the error/bug/problem occurs;
2) Supply this information : ChrisTV version, Windows version, CPU clock/type, TV Card, TV Card WDM Driver
3) Attach the ChrisTV.log file (or post the content of the file) which can be found in the folder where ChrisTV has been installed.
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