Msi Theater 550 Pro Pal Issues On Win 7

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Hi all

I bought a MSI Theater 550 PRO back in 2005 because it had support for PAL/NTSC. Back then, I use to connect my SONY Hi8mm Camcorder and capture footages using Windows Movie Maker without no problem.

Now, I am in desperate need to convert some of the my old footages off the camcorder. The problem is, I am now running Windows 7 Pro X64. I found you guys to be the only solution to still offer video capture since Windows Movie Maker Live doesnt support.

Upon browsing the web, instantly found that MSI has removed this product from their webpage and hence no drivers can be found. AMD/ATI's page has drivers for Vista x32/x64. I tried to install that, but it gave me a message that I have all latest drivers. Went on and check the CCC panel and here is the verison of AV Stream installed base on latest Catalyst:

AV Stream (T550 Pro) Driver Version

After downloading and Installing the ChrisTV PVR Pro trial, I connected my camcorder and found that the software is in NTSC mode. I tried to change the settings to capture in PAL B,D, etc But every time is press "APPLY" and close, no result... I open the same window again, i see that it has restored to NTSC.

Thanks in Advance
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