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Hi Chris,
Thank you for such good software. Recently I installed your software and found some minor problems which you may address in the next release.

My TV card is Intuix hybrid USB2 tv tuner - S820 ( same thing is also branded as toshiba hybrid usb tv tuner and as LiteON brand). It uses liteON's Savvy TV which is a crappy software. The card has a crappy chinese made driver which has no customer support.

Anyway, I could use Powercinema 6 for watching live TV. But it is very expensive and takes a lot of memory (200+MB RAM)

So I tried your nice software. My TV card works on version 5.25 and later.

1. In the first run, the image is choppy untill I UNCHECKED 'use overlay mixer' and again CHECKED it.

2. Everytime I run ChrisTV (and also when I change some settings), the audio is always choppy. When I open the settings : Driver Setting-> TV Tuner Device, the sound becomes OKAY (I dont have to change anything, only the channel is changed automatically).

3. The sound is delayed increasingly when I watch tv. I had this problem with other TV cards and different software always. But in other software (WinDVR with my old tv card), I could press 'PAUSE' button for 1/2 sec., and then it would always sync audio-video. Is it possible to do so in your next release (I use lite verson)- a few seconds pause button for sync audio/video without restarting the whole program time to time?

EDIT: After checking "Retune TV freq. after channel change" from advanced audio settings I don't have choppy sound (in fact no sound at all) when I start chris-tv. Still I have to go STEP 2 (stated above) to get the audio.

btw, is there any way NOT to MUTE sound (wave) automatically everytime I run ChrisTV pvr?

Again, thank you.

:wub: :wub:
installing pro. trial version and configuring tv channels and other settings, I copied all the files except the main exe file into the lite version folder . it gave me many options (those options I might have to buy as plug-in).... :wub: anyway, I found new software and driver for my tv card.... so, I dont have use yours ... but u r a lifesaver when needed.
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