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Postby Arioch » 15 Jun 2011, 20:18

Having read through how to use the broadcast feature of ChrisTV I thought I would use this feature for the first time to stream video to the pcs in my house. I have a Q6600 with 8 GB of ram and a ATI 550 Pro tv tuner that receives video through S-Video from satellite system. The computer is running Windows 7 Ultimate x64, and I have installed Windows Media Encoder 9. There is no firewalls on any on the pcs, not even the windows ones. And I am unable to get the broadcast feature to start. No matter the video rendering mode I chose, it will not start. Any suggestions?

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Postby dirk1976 » 11 Aug 2011, 21:43

i have the same problem on windows XP x86 SP3,with a AMD X2 560 dualcore cpu. Nevertheless, i managed to get it working onto another pc with intel dualcore E7300. Never found the differences in both configurations, except the chris TV versions: 5.55 (worked) vs. 5.62 (never worked).

I even used the same TV tuner card!

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Postby robinwrinkle » 17 May 2012, 02:26

I am bumping this one too.... I cannot get the broadcast to work, just upgraded to 5.65 pro.... have not got it to stream so far.

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