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Postby jonslynn » 07 Mar 2012, 06:59

I have just moved to a new place where I think ChrisTV would be my best choice for PVR. A few years ago I tried ChrisTV on an older PC and I think it was warez or cracked. So now I was going threw all my old stuff to check what software was best. I have put my video card in a new system and the version of ChrisTV is old. I downloaded the new version to demo but XP just shuts down now. Probly because of the old warez version or for all I know it could be anything. I like the new TitanTV option and think ChrisTV is worth every dollar. I have found it better any other PVR software. I have already searched the forum here and it mentioned that the warez versions cause xp to shutdown.

So at the moment the old crappy warez works great and the new turns off my machine.

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