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Postby marcusah » 10 Aug 2012, 16:14


I am posting because I purchased this software as I love it. Now I upgraded versions from professional 5.64 to 5.65. I open the program change my settings, then all of a sudden I can no longer record. It either fails to start recording, or it tells me free space limit reached and stops recording.

I can't get the audio to work, it can't remember what I set it to, to get it to record audio.

I can't get codecs to show up in the list of codecs. I tried to install the XviD codec for recording, the codec is installed but it won't work. I have windows 7 x64.

if I change any settings, I can't record at all, it says free space limit reached and fails, when I re-open the program it fails to allow me to record at all, when reopening the program would make it work.

I am trying to do video input and record from a VCR.

Help please.

What's going on with this program, why is it so buggy?



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Postby Chris » 12 Aug 2012, 13:08

Please attach ChrisTV.log file after you encounter the problem.
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