6.20 makes Win8.1 crash with BSOD

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6.20 makes Win8.1 crash with BSOD

Postby Kakadu » 02 Jul 2015, 20:56

Chris-TV 6.20 makes Win8.1x64 (fully updated) crash with BSOD on each try to start Chris-TV.

Error-Messages are "system service exception" and sometimes "apc index mismatch".

I never got to run it – and as older versions do not start anymore, I cannot test if it is version 6.20 or if the problem is elsewhere.

Btw: the TV-Card (LifeView FlyTV Express X1 MST-T2A2) works fine with ProgDVB!

I even cannot use USB-Stick instead of PCIexpress-Card.

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