Scheduler does not record files

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Scheduler does not record files

Postby Fokke Nauta » 20 Oct 2015, 09:09

Hi all,

Using ChristV Pro for a while. It always worked fine. Since 6.20 Pro was available I installed that version. Also that worked fine, but haven't used it for some time now. Yesterday I entered a film in the scheduler, but later seemed that nothing was recorded. The channel settings are fine, preview is fine, the path to the directory where files should be recorded is correct.
Tried to do some test recordings this morning, but again nothing was recorded.
When I am in the menu option "Recording settings", and click on "Start recording", the tv is recorded perfectly. So - basically it works. Only the scheduler does not work.
What can be wrong?

I will upload the log file and xml file for your perusal.

Thanks beforehand for your help.

With regards,
Fokke Nauta
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Re: Scheduler does not record files

Postby Fokke Nauta » 20 Oct 2015, 13:20

New development:

I re-installed ChrisTV Pro 6.20. Did not uninstall it first.
Now it works but with a serious limitation:
If ChrisTV is up and running, and I make an entry in the scheduler, it will record the tv signal.
However, if I make an entry, save it and close ChrisTV, it will startup by the agent but with an empty preview screen and the following error message:
"Access violation at address 00605EDA in module 'Christv.exe'. Read of address 00000000. Do you want to continue running ChrisTV?"
So - in this case nothing further happens and nothing is recorded.
I can reproduce this problem. When ChrisTV is running, it will record a file. When it's not, it wakes up but with an error message and won't run or record.

What to do next?

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