Standby For Recording Tasks

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Postby ailif » 23 Mar 2005, 20:01


your new feature to wake up the PC from standby works fine with my TV card. I only have to mention that it does not work properly when the tasks channel is the same as the last one. Precisely, in this case the cards channel is not initialized and an undetermine channel gets set. Therefore, one has to add a preview task with a different channel before the recording task to enable channel switching.

One thing I would also appreciate is that the PC can be set into standby mode after finishing a recording task. This would fully replace a video or dvd recorder.


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Postby Amethist » 24 Mar 2005, 22:58

Set the PC into Standby and Hybernate too, so ChrisTV can make multiple recording processes individualy in a long period, like a two weeks holyday outgoing for exp.

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