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Postby webboy » 19 Apr 2005, 16:14

Nice Software, but before buying I would like to get some information how to administrate the recordings. There are a lot of buttons at the program surface, but non of them enables me to get into the records folder or to play them in the (same) Chris TV screen.
So I have to go to "Programms - Chris TV - Captured files - Video - and (todays)date folder to fetch a special recording
Second I have to shut down Chris TV, in order to avoid two screens and audio tracks at the monitor at the same time.
Rather complicate I think! Is there no easier way to look or to find records ??

In case of Pinnacle PCTV stereo software this feature works quite well, including burning DVDs.
Unfortunally this software seems not to fit with my TV card (Pro Video PV952 P "7431")

hoping for some information/explanation

with best regards from Austria


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