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If you have any suggestions/comments concerning ChrisTV PVR Software post here
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Postby ArcAiN6 » 10 May 2005, 09:09

I have noticed that there are quite a few Tuner cards with radio capabilities, I was hopeing that there will be in the future a simple button to launch a radio tuner application from ChrisTV. Maybe even your own application.. call it ChrisFM or something like that.. and maybe some sort of visualization plugin for those freaky light shows like Winamp has... heck, could even create a semi shoutcast sort of output so winamp can be launched and recieve the FM signal.. just a thought..

Oh.. and perhaps a little something for skinning.. it seems all the rage these days, and lets a user " personalize " his or her application to suit thier needs.. could open a seperate forum, and download page just for Skins..

i don't really rad the forums as much as i should, i don't know if you've already covered this in other posts... just saw the request thinggie, and thought it would be a good idea to put in my two cents..

um... what else did i think of this morning in the shower... oh yea.. Maybe there could be a way of broadcasting across the network the radio / visualization for parties.. would be nice to be able to do that.. have the telly showing nifty visualizations at parties while listening to music.. just another idea..

but wait... i have more... lol... wow... i thinki need a life away fromt eh PC...
nah... :D

i could go on with ideas... as you can see from abouve.. but maybe i won't spring too much on you at once.. you are probably a very busy person..

ooo oOOOo oooo one last one.. some sort of database for the station Icon's.. you could seperate it by country, postal code, or service provider... would be nice to just hit a button, fill in a few simple information lines, and download a conf for all the station icons / names... this could of coarse be done kinda simply with a stations conf, and MySQL database that could be filled by the users untill it's full... also, the users would be able to update the DB by sending in new lists... just add a thing where when the user has finished adding the icon's to thier list of channels, ask if they would like to support you, by adding thier channel list to the database, and have them put in thier info for location, and service provider... the easier you make it on the consumer... the better they will feel aobut it... people just wanna be entertained, they don't really wanna fiddle with settings for ages.. lol.. i could be wrong about that one though, i do so love tinkering with my servers...

i guess i'll shut up now and let you get back to your life.. thanx for reading all of this if you've managed to get this far, you seem to be a pretty patient person ;)


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