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Postby Miguel » 20 Jul 2005, 20:28

HI, My name is Miguel, i am from Mérida Yucatán México
there is little i can say about Chistv except a really nice software
very cool, definitively one of the best i have tested

I have a request, i use christv lite cuz i dont have too much money
to purchase de profesional version right now but its on my plans on
a not very distant future.

Well the request is this:

Sometimes, you are watching tv, and the usual behavior is to
zap every channel seeking for something interesting, not all channels
have something interesting all the time, some tv sets have the hability
to set channel numbers in a memory list so you can jump to channels
you found something interesting on instead of zapping all the channels
one by one

the only way i found i can do that with chistv is setting some channels
as inactive so i leave only the ones i want as active/favorite

it would be a really cool thing that you can build a temporary list
of channels that you found something good on them without loosing
the hability of zapping one by one ...

and i think i found a bug, i have a sonny vhs remote configured in
winlirc, but when i configure christv for changing channels with
the remote keys, they zap two at the time, maybe a better
control of the winlirc commands will help, setting an ingore time
for the same command and making it selective

what i mean is: a ch+ presing will change 1 channel even if the button
is still pressed and a vol+ will increase volume while the button is pressed.

well, thats all
receive a hello from Mexico

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