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Postby acglj » 09 Oct 2005, 22:07

Nice to have features while using Timeshift and Recording. Both are implemented in PowerCinema.

1) You can record even when the Timeshift is on (ChrisTV doesn't allow to do it). Moreover, when you noticed that something is interesting, you can rewind to the begining of the program and start the record.

2) While you rewind or do fast forward in Timeshift mode, the bar appears and you have timers at the panel. There is exact time of start at the left side, curent time at the right side, and the time where you are now (for exaple 5 minutes earlier -its Timeshift). When you decided to record current program too late (but you use Timeshift), you can easily rewind to the begining when you know the time it started (but useful only when 1 is implemented).
Both Rewind and Fast Forward should be ...hmmm... much more fluent than they are now.

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