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Postby kukomamasan » 07 Aug 2006, 16:13

Hello all,
now i tried christv a couble of days, i had my share of bad sound and wrong settings, wouldent it be cool to see a wizard asking what card u had, what cpu ect. or simply a cool program that can figure all that out, and change to the best settings according to your system? , so right after installing christv / find channals, ur able to watch / record shows, with the best possible setting ? i know that would be to easy for you neards lol, but i think if it can be done with christv, it will give a boost in sales. since no hassle for noobs(i dont consider me noob hehe), but christv tried my patience a couble of times hehe.

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Postby subsonik » 09 Aug 2006, 20:43

Exactly. I spent hours (days?) too, trying out combinations of settings... having to wait 10 seconds for ChrisTV to start up each time, etc. There is a lot of information and tricks on this forum too, but not everyone wants to spend hours reading a bunch of topics.

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Postby lordrugi » 19 Oct 2006, 11:48

I completly agree on that point. And the interface/meue to config chris-tv seems to be a nightmare... Please make it more easy to use this really powerful and good piece of software!


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Postby Xcom » 22 Jan 2008, 15:55

Count me in too. I dread every update. I used to update over my original copy of Chris TV, but now I create a new folder for the updated application and tweak it from there while still maintaining a good working downlevel installation. When I get the updated one working, I archive the downlevel.
Maybe there can be a spot on the forum where people can post their working settings for particular hardware?

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