If you have any suggestions/comments concerning ChrisTV PVR Software post here
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Postby tuleggi » 10 Oct 2003, 03:06

Hello everybody,
yes, I think the tranparency option will be a great thing.... some time ago I saw a video (NO FAKE) of the new Windows (Longhorn) that uses 2-3 movies at the same time in WMP with transparency!

So Chris, if your TV software is the first to support this will be a great advantage, I think!
And I have another suggestion...we have more and more high band connection on internet...what about supporting also live TV?maybe you can have a sponsor/relations with some TV channel.

And finally I say to you that your programs works well also with the usb tv cards (I have an hauppage winTV usb and until 3.20 is perfect...I havent try the new versions yet...shareware... :ph34r: ) because of your support of wdm update your compatibility list! ;)

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Postby Aesculap » 30 Aug 2005, 22:38

Just an Update, I wanted to have this feature, but sadly only ATIs software supports it:


If you don't feel like watching TV in the TV viewer then maybe you will be interested in the A.I.W.'s other display modes. The TV image's translucency can be altered using a feature ATI called ThruView™. When you use ThruView™ in window mode, the TV image is displayed in a borderless window with 50% transparency, but it is always on top. Using this feature you can move Word Documents or your Web Browser over the image and still see it, so you may go about doing your normal activities all while watching a little telly. ThruView™ also has a desktop mode. In this mode you can have the TV image be displayed as 50% transparent and always on top, so it basically turns your entire monitor into a TV. Since it is always on top you can still work with your windows although it is kind of confusing because of the moving image all over your screen. I suggest using the other desktop mode with 0% transparency, and acts as if it were your desktop wallpaper. In this mode windows open are covering it but you can easily focus on the windows better and if you want to see the TV then simply minimize or move them.

As you wanted to get some more info about this :)


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Postby reeven » 07 Sep 2005, 12:25

Ati Multimedia Center has transparency window.
Is for ati all in wonder boards.
And i love it very much,but not as much as i love ChrisTv.

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Postby Aesculap » 12 Sep 2005, 12:16

well, it doesn't seem to get too much recogniction from Chris, though :/


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