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Postby gawd0wns » 22 Nov 2007, 04:40

Due to a hardware conflict I can't identify, I have to 'safely remove' my sata dvdrw each time before starting up ChrisTv. As of now, I have a batch file which runs before ChrisTv starts up, which safely removes the drive. When I schedule tasks with ChrisTV agent, I have to remove the drive before I leave my pc unattended... I tend to forget sometimes, and my computer locks up when ChrisTV starts up to record.

I would like to see ChrisTV agent with an option allowing you to execute a script(s)/batch file(s)/command(s). This feature should allow you to choose whether you want the script/batch/commands to execute before ChrisTV actually launches, or after your task is completed. I am sure this feature could be useful to many people, for example, in my case, if you wish to safely remove a device before starting ChrisTV. Or to convert the show you just recorded to another format, while you are away... Then have it burned on a dvd waiting in your drive... etc etc etc... You can write a script/batch to do practically anything...

Thank you

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