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I've recorded a large number of mpeg video files with ChrisTV (I'm using version 5.20 Pro). But ChrisTV does not seem to provide a way to play them back. It allows you to play an mpeg that you just recorded, but there seems to be no way to select an earlier one (unless I'm missing something).

What ChrisTV needs is a "file open" dialog that allows you to select any mpeg file that you previously recorded and allow you to play it.

Some readers may wonder why I don't just use the Windows Media Player or Windows Media Center to play the mpeg. I have both but the Media Player 11 does not allow the aspect ratio to be changed at all and Media Center 2005 (I'm using Windows XP) provides only rudimentary functionality that does not do an adequate job with some anamorphic sources.

ChrisTV does. This makes it possible to record 16:9 widescreen video that has been anamorphically shrunk in the horizontal dimension so it fits within standard definition 4:3 video. This same thing is done to the video for most DVDs. It needs to be expanded back to 16:9 for viewing during playback.

I believe this will become a large issue now that the U.S. will switch to DTV next February because most converters allow the user to view anamorphic video as a means of getting more life from a widescreen standard definition TV.

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