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Almost every widescreen computer monitor has a native aspect ratio of 16:10 rather than the theatrical 16:9 standard. Most of us are using ChrisTV to watch video on our PCs. So it seems about time that ChrisTV provide better support for 16:10 displays.

There is a workaround of sorts now:

1 - If you're viewing an anamorphic source, set the "Aspect Ratio Mode" to "Stretched" on the "Image & Sound Settings" panel of the ChrisTV General Settings dialog.

2 - Set the "Aspect Ratio" setting in ChrisTV's popup menu to "Wide HDTV 16:9".

3 - Then you can drag the border of the ChrisTV video window to size the frame to fit your monitor. Or you can double-click on the video window for fullscreen display.

But this technique offers no control over how the 16:9 video is matched to your 16:10 display. In fullscreen mode, it is letterboxed. If you manually resize the video window, you'll still see a portion of the desktop at the top and/or bottom of the window.

What we need would be a "Wide PC 16:10" setting for the "Aspect Ratio" submenu that locks ChrisTV into a 16:10 shape. Settings should be provided to allow the user to control how a 16:9 image is viewed within the 16:10 frame. One option would be to zoom the image and clip its sides so that the image is displayed full height. A second option would be to letterbox the top and bottom of the image so that the entire image is viewed.

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