Problem Some Tv Cards Wont Work In Another Country

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Postby shaner49er » 01 Mar 2005, 10:29

I found the problem. I think that Christv should know so as to help others like me. My TV tuner slides into the bay of my notebook, I have two places for two connections, one is very small one is bigger. The bigger one is for the cable the very small one for an antenna. The one for cable only works with EPG that is the program guide in the Media Center Edition, thus this leaves my cable connection to the tuner useless in another country without an EPG. I have even read you can only use the notebook in the country you bought it in. If I could rig the cable to the antenna port I would get cable. But this port is very small so we will see.

With today’s technology, new to me and probably a lot of others as XP MCE is fairly new to the consumer making TV on the computer a lot more popular I would think this problem could arise for someone else in my situation “being away from my country” and this might help someone.
I would like to add Chris TV looks just great with more features tham MCE 2004!!!


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